History About My Family

I have a lot of History in my family. One thing is that my great great great great uncle was a captain of a ship. Can you guess what ship he was the captain of? If you don’t know I will give you a hint. His ship saved people in a terrible accident. Another hint is that the people that he saved were on another ship sailing from Britain to France to Ireland to New York. The last hint is that the people that he saved were the people from the Titanic.

His name was Arthur Rostron. Even though the Carpathia wasn’t the closest ship to the Titanic it could hold the most people on board. Other ships that were around the Titanic was the Californian, the Carpathia, the Birma, and Mount Temple. Each of these ships were less then 100 miles of where the Titanic hit the Iceberg but the Carpathia could hold the most people out of all of them. This picture is a picture of the Carpathia.
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The Great Ocean Liners

Another thing that my family has in our history is that a lot of my family members were either in the Army, Navy, Marines, or the Air Force. Most of my family was/in the Navy. I know about four of them. Their names are Brian, Jason, Edward, and George. Brian was/in the Navy. Jason was/in the Marines. Edward was in the Army. George was in the Navy. All of them survived while they served.

What would you do if you had to save all of those people from the Titanic?  Leave a comment below.


My Feelings About My 20% Project

My partners and I haven’t had a major accomplishment and that makes me sad. We haven’t done anything together because we never had time to do anything and we haven’t called any stores yet. I’m starting to be more into my project by talking about what my partners and I are going to do for our project. We have been having trouble figuring out what each of our rolls are.

I have two goals for the month of December. One of them is that I want to start selling bracelets, and the other is that I want to start getting the bags for the homeless people. I’m going to achieve there goals by Spending more time on this project.Image result for sad face emoji


Emoji Island

My Three Favorite Holidays

My first favorite holiday is Christmas because I get lots of presents. One year I got a bike, an X-box 1, and a T.V. for my X-box 1. Another year I got an I-pad. I also like Christmas because I get to spend time with my family. These are all reasons why Christmas is my first favorite holiday.Sunset over Washington DC - Christmas DayCreative Commons License Richard Ricciardi via Compfight

My second favorite holiday is Halloween because I get lots of candy. I go to my friends house and go trick-or-treating with them through their neighborhood. One year we stayed trick-or-treating so long that we got to take a whole bucket of candy. When we were done we would go back to their house and trade candy because I’m allergic to CHOCOLATE. This is why Halloween is my second favorite holiday.

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My third favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because we eat great food and watch Football games. I spend time with my family. We go to my grandmas house to eat and I get to see my cousin. These are all reasons why Thanksgiving is my third favorite holiday.

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The Three Sports That I Played

I play/played three sports, one of them was baseball(My favorite sport). Another sport is basketball(My second favorite sport). The last sport is soccer(My least favorite sport that I play/played). These are all fun sports.

My favorite sport is baseball. Baseball is my favorite sport because I like when you get to go up to bat and you feel like you’re going to hit the ball far. I play first base, second base, and pitcher. Our team is really good because we almost beat every team in the spring season. Our record was 10-3-2. 10 wins, 3 losses, and 2 ties. Every time we lost, we lost by one point because we were the away team which means the other team gets to bat last. The years that I played baseball were 2009, 2010, 2011 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

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My second favorite sport is basketball. Basketball is my second favorite sport because I like when you can do fancy moves on someone and go in for the score. I signed up to play for Upward and our team was undefeated. I tried out for my school team but didn’t make it, so I play for a team where you don’t have to try out. Also in 4th and 5th grade I played on a team at my school. The years that I played basketball were 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2016. Also I’m going to play basketball this year for a team at my school.

basketball on a court in a gymCreative Commons License franchise opportunities via Compfight

The last sport that I’m going to talk about is soccer. I only played soccer for 2 years. I thought it was kind of boring because all you would do is run and kick the soccer ball. The years that I played soccer were 2010 and 2011.

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My Timeline of my Day/Year

Do you have a timeline of your day and year? Well, I’m going to talk about my timelines. The hours that I’m at school are from 7:30-2:30. That’s a total of 7 hours. I have 7 main class periods: English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, and PBL. I also have two other short classes: Homeroom and Advisory. I have two Unified Arts classes. The first thing that I do when I get to school I have to sit in the gym and wait to go to my locker. When I finally get to go to my locker I have to get out what I need for homeroom and 1st period. When I’m in homeroom we do Rosetta Stone till 7:55. At 7:52 we listen to the announcements and do the Pledge of Allegiance. At 7:55 we switch to 1st period. 1st period for me is English Language Arts. It isn’t my favorite class because we have to write A LOT. 1st period is from 7:55-8:44. A thing that we are working on is something called Lit. circles. That is when we read a little bit of a book each week and we have a job on what you read for that week. After 1st period we get to go back to our lockers to get our things that we need for 2nd and 3rd period. For my 2nd period I have math. 2nd period is from 8:44-9:33. We have a workbook that we do some of the problems that are on our homework. After we finish the workbook page/pages we get the rest of class time to work on our homework. Next period that I go to is 3rd period. This period is Social Studies. We learn about different cultural regions of the world. Do you know what we get to do, we get to eat snacks. Third period is from 9:33-10:22. Social Studies is my favorite class because the teachers are the nicest. After 3rd period we get to go back to our lockers to get what we need for 4th and 5th period. For 4th period I have Science. Science for me is from 10:22-11:11. We learn about the Periodic table of elements. We did a poster when we were assigned an element to do research on and make a poster. Fifth period I have P.B.L.Boys in classroom_1093Creative Commons License James Emery via Compfight Library NaUKMA via Compfight Barnaby Wasson via Compfight. This class is from 11:11-11:55. We learn about blogging and about how to use things on the computer. After P.B.L we go to lunch from 11:55-12:25. Our school has three different lines with different foods: Tacos, Burgers Fries, and the different daily meals. After lunch we have Advisory. Advisory is basically where you check your grades, do assignments, and homework. Advisory is from 12:30-12:53. The last classes of the day are my two Unified classes, 6th and 7th period. Sixth period is from 12:53-1:42. The last class that I have for the day is 7th period. This class is from 1:42-2:30. Then, we go back to our lockers and get our backpacks and go to the buses to ride it home.

Now I’m going to talk about my entire year timeline. We are in school for 175 days if there are no snow days. The seasons that we are in school are: Fall, Winter, and Spring. I’m doing this project called the 20% project. This project is about that we work on the project 20% of our time in school. We have to help the community in someway. My 6th and 7th periods change every term. A term is every 7 weeks. Thanks for reading my blog.What gives us the MAY - Where is the sun? i' m Waiting here on sunrise! eagle1effi via Compfight

The Whole Year Project

My 20% project is about the homeless, I want to sell bracelets at stores to raise money to buy homeless people food, water, cloths, etc.

One of the feelings that I have about this project is nervous because I’m nervous about the speeches that we have to do throughout the year. Another emotion that I have is exited because I have a chance to help many people. The last emotion that I have is scared, because I don’t know if this project is going to work out.

Our major goals of the month of November are getting bracelets and to call the store where we are going to sell the bracelets. The earliest deadline that we have is getting the bracelets after Thanksgiving. The other major deadline is to call the store by the end of November. One of us is going to get the bracelets if they have time and one of us is going to call the store. When we know that we have the bracelets and that we called the store we are going to start making posters to hang around the table to show people what we are going to do with the money we get. Thanks for reading my blog.


See my Visual Aide for more information.

The Scary Halloween

Activity 3: Related image



Long ago there was this spooky house that no person ever wanted to go near. No one know’s if someone or something lives in the house. It has always been a mystery. One year on Halloween a kid and his friends were going trick-or-treating and he got lost from his friends so he called their names, but no one responded. He was very scared and he didn’t know what to do. So he sat on the curb of the road. After a couple of minutes he heard something in the bush behind him, so he got up and walked toward the bush. When he got close enough to the bush the thing jumped out of the bush and ran down a spooky driveway. After it seemed like forever chasing the thing up the driveway the boy looked in the distance and saw a house. He ran up to the house and knocked on the door. Nothing happened. He knocked on the door again, no answer. He tried it one last time and something answered and pulled the boy in.

What do you think happened to the little boy?


Activity 4: http://www.seriouseats.com/2015/11/how-to-make-smooth-pumpkin-pie-step-by-step-slideshow.html

Step 1: Combine Sugar and SpicesStep 3: Add PumpkinStep 5: Blind-Bake Pie CrustStep 8: BakeStep 9: Serve


About Attributions and Licenses

Activity 1: An attribution and a license is when you give credit for what a person made or did. This is the opposite of Plagiarism. If you don’t give that person credit, then you could get in a lot of trouble. You could get kicked out of school and fail if you Plagiaries. Two examples of giving credit to someone is if you got a picture off of that website, then you would put that websites name around that picture. Another example is if you got a definition off of a website, then you give that website credit.

Activity 2: bengaliclicker.com                                                                  

Black cat as black as night

Scared so much with big yellow eyes

Black bats around you

and ghosts behind you


Hair standing up

Your back so hunched

Looking at me so sad

With the moon shining so bright

About My Avatar

My avatar represents me for a couple different reasons. One reason is that I have a sweatshirt on in my avatar. This represents me because I like to wear sweatshirts because it makes me warm and comfy. Another reason why my avatar represents me is that in the background there is snow on the ground and there are two things that make me happy when there is a lot of snow on the ground. One is that there is usually NO SCHOOL and the other is that I get to go sled riding and I get to play in the snowFace your Manga.


Tom Hagerty via Compfightuntitled-1425                                     Baseball                                                                                                                                                                                                                

My favorite sport is baseball because when I get good hits  everyone cheers for me. I like baseball because I learn something every game and practice. One thing I learn is how to pick-off someone when they are trying to steal a base, I learn which foot to take off the rubber first to pick someone off. Another thing that I learn is how to lead off a bag. I learned that you should never cross your feet. Another thing that I like about baseball is batting at the top of the lineup. During this  past spring season we were 10-3-2. That is 10 wins, 3 losses, and 2 ties. Every time we lost, we lost by 1 run because we were the visitor team, which means the other team got to hit last. One of the games that we won against the Beasts, I pitched a “no hitter.” 

I won 2 tournaments when I played baseball. One of the tournaments that we won was during the spring season, and it was against the Mustangs. The other championship I won was when I was on the All-Star team. Also when I was on the All-Star team we traveled to Indiana. The tournament that we won this past spring season we lost the first game, but won every single game left in the tournament.