About Me

I am an athletic person, that has won 2 Baseball championships. I have two dogs and they are energetic. Every Sunday or Thursday I like to watch Football on the T.V. Sometimes we go Putt Putt Golfing and one time I got a “hole in one.” In the Winter I like to make tiny Igloo’s and on Halloween I like to make Jack-o-Lanterns. I’m a kind person that loves all of his teachers. I like to listen to country music and my birthday is in November. I would like to become more organized and I want to be a Police Officer when I grow up. I am quick at running the bases in baseball and I’m a good reader. I am afraid of snakes, sharks, and spiders, those are just three things that I’m afraid of. One of my favorite movies when I was little was Up. Sometimes I like to watch my mom and dad play Volleyball and see them win the tournament. In my life I have had more X-rays than I can count. I like to play with Yo-yo’s because I’m good at it. I like to go to the Zoo with my friends  

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